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Robotics- 5 things to keep in mind

Admin 16-June-2019

Robotics is a buzz word these days. Everyone wants to crack the deal to cut down ever growing cost pressure and win competition. In this rush hour- just be wary of the 5 things noted below:

1. Have you signed up for RPA w/o doing need & cost/benefit analysis?

Need not do it for the sake of being in the competition. This isn’t everyone's cup of tea. Rather analyze if you're ready for this investment and that the ROI is thought through.

2. Do you have a well defined scope for RPA?

 Scoping is very imperative to avoid hassle, and reduce complexity in the later phase. Poorly defined scope will increase the down time and may put things back to square.

3. Have you already done waste clean-up followed by process standardization?

Let’s not automate the waste. Before we hand over the assignment to Automation team, ensure that the processes are devoid of waste and standardization is done wherever possible. Lean tools will come handy here.

4. Are you aiming short term gains ?

Study the prospect in detail- It has the potential of transforming your business, avoid being myopic here. Let's not target heads elimination while we can create many with Robotics led transformation. Efforts shall be put in to find new avenues from Robotics transformation along with an employee development plan.

5. Your employees morale is low?

Believe it or not - If your employees are Not motivated it is bound to FAIL. Objective of RPA and how will it benefit existing employees have to be communicated clearly and upfront. Communicate how it can help them in long run and what's in it for them. Resource movement and employee engagement have to be planned beforehand and communicated through a proper channel in a timely manner.


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